Our interior design services will improve your home in Charlotte or Mooresville, NC

Make the Most of Your Space

There's more to finishing a home than simply choosing your favorite colors. An interior designer can take an objective look at your space and give you expert recommendations. You'll have the advice you need to make your house more functional, beautiful and perhaps even safer. Zachary Luke Designs is an experienced interior design company in Charlotte, NC. We can go over every room in your house and design a space you'll love living in.

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How does interior design work?

You're getting more than a decorator when you arrange for interior design services. While we can help with creative choices, we'll also evaluate each room to make sure it's functional and efficient.

We take into consideration features like...


The floor plan of your house


The arrangement of your furniture


Your lighting requirements

With interior design, you can optimize a space so that it's pleasing to the eye and comfortable to live in.

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