Residential Interior Design & Commercial interior architecture are our specialty

Our design team can make improvements with any space in your home or business in Charlotte, NC & all surrounding areas

Are you looking to improve your home? Interior design services can help with that. An interior architect or an interior designer goes above and beyond what a decorator does. We'll examine every aspect of a room to make sure it's functional, efficient and attractive. Zachary Luke Designs is a full-service interior architecture and interior design company in Charlotte, NC. We'll update your home with an eye to comfort while making the most of your space.

During the design process, we'll evaluate the;

  • Floor plan
  • Layout
  • Furniture
  • Color scheme
  • Materials
  • Lighting
Every element of your room will be considered in terms of functionality and visual appeal. Take advantage of our home design services to plan your next project. Call us today!

Interior design can make a lasting impact on your business

A professionally designed space will make your employees more comfortable and improve morale. They'll be more productive every day. Zachary Luke Designs will work to make your office as comfortable and functional as possible while maximizing the use of your space. We can also design restrooms, conference rooms and lobbies. 

Contact us today to arrange for your office designconsultation.

If you're not sure what you want your home or office to look like, we can help. Our interior design and architecture company is skilled in the use of AutoCAD. This computer program lets us generate 3D models of our designs. We can show you different floor plans, furniture, lighting and layouts. We'll help you visualize all of your options so you can move forward with a design you know you'll love.

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